Spring oh spring! You lovely season,
when you bloom I smile without reason.
Birds yell, cats hump and people go nuts,
while the conker trees burst their candley budds.

Frühling oh Frühling! Du schöne Zeit,
wenn Du blühst grinse ich breiter als breit.
Vögel brüllen, Katzen vögeln, Menschen aalen sich im Glück.
Und Kastanienbäume zaubern ihr Kerzenmeisterstück.

Reading - Second version of book and illustration here:

The mind is dull, the world is bleak?
Go search a shelf, let's have a peek!
What can save you from the grey within?
A lovely book or one of his kin.
Feel the paper, smell the ink,
Into a chair, a couch, a pillow you sink.
And then let the story take you away,
Forget about dull and bleak and grey.
For just a little while forget
How hard the hamster's wheel you tread.
Or that the news are full of shite,
and that life's a frickin' sisyphosfight.
So take your favorite book-hero by the hand,
Bring him over to realityland.
Have him help you make a stand
Against this society's harsh quicksand.
Which pulls in the poor, the small, the weak.
So don't forget too long about the bleak,
But smile, do good, be kind, be you,
Read and live and think and do!

Goodbye March, it's been productive.



Playing with the dark




The heart sinks deep?
It's the Sunday-weep.
You want to know why?
It's the Sunday-cry.
Feels like your soul has a bruise?
It's the Sunday-blues.
The mood stinks?
It's the Sunday-jinx.
Everything blows?
That's how the Sunday goes.
You're a depressed mess?
It's the Sunday-stress.
It's not your fault, Sunday!
You just happen to be before Monday.

the little light

Im Dunkeln leucht' ein kleines Licht,
ganz warm und zart und lieblich.
Und in dem Licht so klein und fein find ich
das Liebste, klar und rein,
zu meinem größten Glück, da find ich Dich.

In the dark glows small a light,
warm, gentle, sweet and new.
And in that light, so small and fine
I find the dearest: sweet, benign,
I can't believe it, I find you.


In the city, when it snows for a bit,
it covers up all the awful ... .
Der Schnee hüllt die Stadt ins schöne Weiße,
bedeckt damit die ganze blöde ... .

Love in the snow.

I wrap myself in you.
Ich wickel mich in dich ein.
Drücke meine Wange an Dich
Your cheek to mine.
Breath you in and feel the snow.
My heart is warm; life becomes friendly and slow.
Atme Dich und fühle den Schnee.
Mein Herz wird warm und das Leben tut weniger weh.


It's hard to be cool in the city.
In fact it is quite... difficult.

Das Jahr ist alt, das Jahr ist neu;
Leben haben wir wie Heu.
Haben wir doch, oder nicht?
Im Lebensbuch steht: Tod is Pflicht.
The year is new, the year's adjourn,
life we have enough to burn.
At least I think we do, don't we?
But with life death is compulsory.

Too much Earth.

Oh no, did you watch too much earth again?

Family Circles

21 Pilots - yesterday

It was brilliant!

proverbial rhyming the second

Ist morgen wirklich noch ein Tag?
Sehe in die Welt und frag
mich, was der Optimist
zum Frühstück, Mittag, Abend ißt.
Lob den Tag, vergiss das Morgen,
von ganz allein kommen die Sorgen,
muss ich sie mir nicht auch noch machen
und kann als letzter bestens lachen.
Is there indeed always tomorrow?
Have we any time to borrow?
Does the optimist cheat,
when he claims "so far so good indeed!"?
Count your chickens, let them hatch,
for my worries there's no match;
so I lay them down to rest
and laugh last the very best.

proverbial rhyming

Für alle, die die Welt manchmal nicht aushalten.
For all those who can't stand the world sometimes.
In der Not
gibt es weder Wurst noch Brot,
und jeder sitzt allein im Boot.
Nicht oho und trotzdem klein,
grab meine Grube für mich allein;
trinke Wasser und nicht Wein.
No friend in need,
no more good deed,
don't kid yourself: the weed
will die as well!
Into my own hole I fell;
the pen is only mightier if you know how to spell.


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