Second grade is nigh...


Through a lovely lady who found my work on Instagram I got the job to draw for a birthday party invitation. 
I smudged the outline doing it, and as I will give her the original for her birthday I had to redo it for perfection and used the smudged one to have a little fun - hence my favorite subject: the tentacle!


I am reposting this lady because THE ART SWAP is happening again. I will reproduce this darling and receive a small octopus hat for it. Can't wait!


I know hugs are good. Hugs are important. Hugs heal. Hugs make you smile and cry and laugh and feel. They can be awkward and weird and too tight or too stiff, too lose or too strong. But if done right, with your whole heart and with the right person it can be the most amazing thing and soothe your soul.  So here are some drawings of hugs: first me and my family and then some other people, hugging some other - er - beings.